60 years ago, the production of a unique product - Thioplast® polysulfides - started in Greiz, Germany. 

September 2023

Thioplast® polysulfides, which are characterized by sulfur-sulfur bonds, were originally introduced in 1963 and began their journey on a small scale in Greiz, Germany. Over the decades, demand grew significantly due to its exceptional performance in extreme environments, and the product quickly developed into an indispensable ingredient in a wide range of applications for industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and energy.  

“This innovative solution celebrates 60 years of pioneering contributions to modern society, which is a remarkable milestone,” said Sylvia Winkel Pettersson, Vice President Engineered Polymers at Nouryon. “Research and development have been an important part of Nouryon’s operations since its inception and we constantly strive to find new solutions for our customers. Today we are one of the largest producers of liquid polysulfide polymers in the world."  

Perhaps most notably, Thioplast® polysulfides have played a pivotal role in modern aerospace. The unmatched adhesion, flexibility, and durability have enhanced aviation safety and reliability.  

This exceptional material thrives in extreme subzero temperatures at high altitudes, as well as exposure to jet fuel, making it an ideal choice for critical applications like fuselage and fuel tank sealing. 

The influence of polysulfide-based sealants and adhesives extends to the realm of building and construction. Its gas-tight properties and UV resistance have revolutionized the industry by creating effective barriers that safeguard buildings and infrastructure. In addition to bolstering protection, it contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor climate control. 

From its modest beginnings as a single resin, Thioplast® polysulfides of today have transformed into an advanced solution offering formulators an array of possibilities. This includes thiol-terminated Thioplast® G polysulfides and epoxy-terminated Thioplast® EPS polysulfides, accompanied by a wide range of curatives, from oxidants to epoxides. 

But the remarkable story of Thioplast® polysulfides doesn't end at 60 years. As technology evolves and industries face new challenges, the versatility and adaptability of liquid polysulfide polymers hold the promise of even greater contributions. Thioplast® polysulfides remain poised to drive innovation, sustainability, and safety in a rapidly changing world. 

"Today Nouryon still produces Thioplast® polysulfides in Greiz, Germany, from where we ensure that our customers worldwide can rely on us to support the growth of their business," said Winkel Pettersson. “Nouryon’s customers work in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We are proud to support them with a solution that protects their assets under extreme conditions, enhances durability, reduces maintenance, and thereby delivers significant savings and safety benefits.” 

The first chapter in the Thioplast® polysulfides journey encapsulates a legacy of continuous development and refinement, aligned with an ever-changing world. Many of the conveniences we often take for granted today owe their existence to the ingenuity and resilience of liquid polysulfides. 

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