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Nouryon celebrates 60 years at pioneering metal alkyls site in Battleground, Texas

15 Oct 2019 - News

Nouryon is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Battleground site in Texas, which pioneered the production of metal alkyls used in the production of high-volume plastics and rubbers and in the manufacture of semiconductors.

“From the beginning, metal alkyls have had a revolutionary impact on the industry, making certain polymers much less expensive to manufacture and ushering in a new age of technologically-advanced product development,” said Allen Tribble, Battleground Site Director. “They have made it possible to make products ranging from plastic containers and tires to LED lights and mobile phones.”

The company has significantly grown its metal alkyls business through new product innovation resulting in continuous expansion of the Battleground site, and it added a second production facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1997. Earlier this year, Nouryon became the only truly global metal alkyls producer when it acquired Zhejiang Friend Chemical Co. (Friend), the largest Chinese producer of triethyl aluminum (TEAL). 

“It is important for us to celebrate significant events in our 400-year history, and we are proud of the fact that we were at the forefront of the metal alkyls business and are now a world leader,” said Nouryon CEO Charlie Shaver. “We look forward to continue growing with our customers for the next 60 years.”


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