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Nouryon to support Bracell pulp mill expansion in Brazil with its innovative Integrated Manufacturing Model

8 Oct 2021 - News

Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals leader, has commissioned its latest Integrated Manufacturing Model to support the expansion of the Bracell pulp mill in Lençóis Paulista, Brazil.

Nouryon’s Integrated Manufacturing Model provides customers with tailor-made onsite facilities, including the management of essential raw materials needed in pulp production. For Bracell, Nouryon has constructed chlorine dioxide generators, a tank farm and the delivery systems needed to ensure a successful pulp mill operation.

“This important project showcases Nouryon’s essential solutions that will help Bracell to produce pulp, which is then converted into everyday products,” said Antonio Carlos Francisco, Vice President, Technology Solutions South America at Nouryon. “Our partnership with Bracell also reinforces the value that our industry expertise and Integrated Manufacturing Model provide to our customers.”

Nouryon has successfully operated its Integrated Manufacturing Model in Brazil since 2005 with four existing pulp mill installations that support the country’s fast-growing pulp industry. The concept provides its customers with important sustainability benefits as the onsite facilities reduce transportation of raw materials, improve overall safety and maximize available resources. The Integrated Manufacturing Model also has a low carbon footprint as it’s typically powered by energy generated at the pulp mill from biomass.

“Our expansion project is the largest private investment in the Brazilian State of São Paulo in the last 20 years. We value the partnership with Nouryon, and we are confident that its innovative manufacturing facility will ensure that we can seamlessly undertake our operations and will support our future growth,” said Pedro Stefanini, General Director at Bracell. 

“This project is an important milestone for Bracell and Nouryon is proud to be associated with this successful endeavor,” said Johan Landfors, Executive Vice President and President, Technology Solutions and Europe at Nouryon. “Over the past 16 years, we have adapted our Integrated Manufacturing Model to meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to the pulp, tissue and packaging industry, and we will continue to build on our successful growth strategy in South America.” 

Read more about Nouryon’s work in the pulp, tissue and packaging industry and about other investments that Nouryon has made to grow with its customers.

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