Agrilan 700 Dry

Product Line Synthetic polymers

Agrilan 700 is a cost effective modified polyacrylate that can be used as a dispersant. It is solid and white in color which makes it easier to handle in solid formulations that are desired to be white in color.

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  • Chemical family

    Speciality Polymer
  • Regional availability

    Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Oceania
  • Chemical name

    Acrylate copolymer

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Detailed description

Agrilan® 700 is a hydrophobically modified polyacrylate copolymer that can be used as a dispersant in a wide array of pesticide formulations. This polymer works very well in Water Dispersible Granules, Wettable Powders and Suspension Concentrates. It can also be used in the Suspension Concentrate portion of Suspoemulsions. Testing has shown that Agrilan® 700 performs much better in hard water (500ppm Calcium and higher) than standard polyacrylate dispersants. Water Dispersible Granules will disperse faster, disperse down to primary particle size and have higher suspensibility in hard water when compared to the standard polyacrylates. The modifications to the molecule allow Agrilan® 700 to be used as a dispersant with water soluble and water insoluble pesticides in dry formulations.  


  • Dispersing Agent


  • Dispersion
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