Alcogum L 520

Product Line Synthetic polymers

Alcogum L520 rheology modifier, designed to perform below pH 6, performs well in many applications.

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    North America
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    Acid rheology modifier
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    Add the emulsion slowly to the solution with good agitation, preferably as the last ingredient prior to neutralization. Dilution of the ALCOGUM L 520 with water can facilitate incorporation in viscous and/or acid formulations. Optimum viscosity build occurs at or below pH 6. For consistent performance avoid partial neutralization and poor mixing. 0.030 parts Acetic Acid to 1.0 part ALCOGUM L 520 (as received) Rheology modifier for I&I, fabric softeners, auto-dishwashing, bowl cleaners, and light duty liquids.

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Detailed description

Alcogum® L 520 is a cationic compatible acid swellable rheology modifier supplied at 20% active solids in  water. This product is designed to perform below pH 6 and when neutralized with an inorganic or organic acid provide a clear viscous solution.   The process employed in the manufacture of Alcogum® L 520 allows for fine control of the polymer structure and molecular weight to provide optimized performance in a broad range of applications areas. Such applications include adhesive and textile compounding, detergent and cleaning compositions, latex emulsions, paint formulation, construction compounding and particulate suspension.  


  • Thickener,
  • Rheology Modifier


  • Industrial Cleaning,
  • Adhesives
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