Alcogum SL 920

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Acrylate based emulsion copolymer, hydrophobically modified, alkali soluble emulsion polymer, array of applications.

  • Product name

    Alcogum SL 920
  • Brand

  • Chemical family

  • Regional availability

    North America
  • Chemical name

    HASE rheology modifier
  • Applications

    Add the emulsion slowly to the solution with good agitation, preferably as the last ingredient prior to neutralization. Dilution of the ALCOGUM SL 920 with water can facilitate incorporation in viscous and/or alkaline formulations. Optimum viscosity build occurs at or above pH 8. For consistent performance avoid partial neutralization and poor mixing. 0.219 parts Ammonium Hydroxide (28% ) to 1.0 part ALCOGUM SL 920 (as received)0.130 parts Sodium Hydroxide (50%) to 1.0 part ALCOGUM SL 920 (as received) High efficiency rheology modifier, surfactant synergy.

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Detailed description

Nouryon’s line of Alcogum rheology modifiers are outstanding hydrophobically, alkali swellable emulsion (HASE) polymers that can be used to achieve the desired rheological profile for your product. These associative thickeners provide much better control over a wider range of shear rates compared to more traditional synthetic polymers. Our rheology modifiers prevent settling in the paint can, improve sag resistance after the paint is applied, and increase color acceptance.


  • Thickener,
  • Emulsification,
  • Rheology Modification


  • Adhesive,
  • Paints and Coatings,
  • Cleaning Industrial and Institutional,
  • Textile and Leather Auxiliaries