Alcosperse 747

Product Line Synthetic polymers

A patented hydrophobically modified copolymer designed for use in detergent and cleaning formulations. This product is also used in paints, coatings and inks as a dispersing agent.

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    Hydrophobically modified copolymer

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Detailed description

Alcosperse 747 is a patented hydrohobically modified copolymer. Alcosperse 747 provides multifunctional performance characteristics such as detergency improvement, hydrotropic effects, increased cloud point of nonionic surfactants, outstanding hydrolytic stability and surfactant compatibility.


  • Corrosion Inhibitor,
  • Low Foaming,
  • Scale Removal and Control,
  • Cosurfactant,
  • Hydrotrope


  • All Purpose Cleaner,
  • Industrial Cleaning,
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent,
  • Metalworking Lubricant Additives,
  • Automatic Dishwashing,
  • Car Wash,
  • Metal cleaning,
  • Manual dishwashing (LDL)
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Detailed description

Alcosperse 747 is a mineral dispersant suitable for dispersion of hydrophobic particles.

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Paints, coatings and inks

Detailed description

Applications include water-based industrial paint formulation, acrylic based wood coating, metal coating and floor care, etc. It offers great watermark resistant performance, excellent pigment dispersion, better color acceptance than other dispersants in the marketplace, good hydrophobic properties, and good storage stability. It is an excellent choice for acrylic emulsion-based paint formulations.


  • Dispersing Agent


  • Paint,
  • Wood coatings
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