Synthetic polymers

Multi-functional anionic polymer which serves as as both as rheology modifier and fixative agent.

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    Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
  • INCI Name

    Dehydroxanthan Gum

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Personal care

Detailed description

Hair Styling: AMAZE™ XT polymer is an anionic film-former, supplied as an off-white powder. Multifunctional, it serves as both the fixative and the thickener/suspending agent for gels and other styling aids. AMAZE XT polymer providesunprecedented hold under highly humid conditions without being tacky or flaking. It is easy to use, as it disperses quickly in water and does not require neutralization, resulting in as much as an 80% reduction in manufacturing time compared to traditional gel systems. Personal Care: A 100% natural rheology modifier that provides exceptional suspension capabilities and clearer formulations than other polymers. It’s an effective thickening agent ideal for low pH systems. Gels formulated with AMAZE™ XT polymer keeps beads and air bubbles suspended over time even at high temperature (45C).


  • Rheology Modifier,
  • Film Former


  • Skin Cream and Lotion,
  • Bath and Shower Products,
  • Color Cosmetic,
  • Styling Product,
  • Hair care,
  • Sun care
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