Aquatreat AR 540 DRY

Product Line Synthetic polymers

Powdered form of Aquatreat AR 540, copolymer of acrylic acid & sulfonated monomers, excellent scale & deposit control

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  • Chemical family

  • Regional availability

    North America
  • Chemical name

    Sultonate copolymer
  • Applications

    Phosphate, Zinc, Iron control and cleaning.

Market Segments

Water treatment

Detailed description

AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is a dry, powdered form of AQUATREAT® AR 540, which is the first in a new line of unique sulfonated copolymers.   AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is produced from a solution of AQUATREAT® AR 540 at a pH of 8-9.    AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is the first in a new line of unique sulfonated copolymers. This polymer has evolved as the result of a series of statistically designed experiments. Optimum inhibition of calcium phosphate in stabilized phosphate and zinc-based alkaline cooling water treatment programs was the primary objective. AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry is a copolymer of acrylic acid and sulfonated monomers. The sulfonated  monomers combine hydrophobic character, aromatic structure and high charge density. This unique combination of monomers has resulted in a copolymer with multifunctional performance characteristics. As a result, AQUATREAT® AR 540 Dry provides excellent scale and deposition control under a wide variety of conditions. Its stability under stressed conditions provides superior performance in cooling water systems operating at high cycles of concentration.              . .


  • Scale inhibitor,
  • Dispersing Agent,
  • Scale Removal and Control


  • Mineral Dispersion,
  • Scale Control and Removal,
  • Scale Inhibitors
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