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Cost Effective Fixative and Rheology Modifier

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    Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
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    Acrylates Copolymer

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Personal care

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Hair Styling: BALANCE® RCFg polymer is a multifunctional film former and rheology modifier that provides cost-effective thickening and versatile performance in a variety of hair styling and surfactant-containing systems.  The polymer features unsurpassed formulating versatility, where it can be used alone or with other polymers to achieve a wide range of textures and product performance benefits in styling aids.  For rheology modification in surfactant systems, it offers thickening of traditional and sulfate-free formulas at low use levels, works synergistically with salt, and is suitable for crystal clear products.   Personal Care: NA/EMEIA/SA BALANCE RCFg rheology modifier provides thickening and stabilization to personal care formulations (pH 7-12). It enables clear and unique rheology profiles for new texture formulations in skin and hair care applications. China/SEA BALANCE RCFg rheology modifier provides thickening and stabilization in a wide range of surfactant systems without compromising foam properties. Flexible over pH 7-12, it also enables clear and unique rheology profiles in gels and cream formulation.


  • Rheology Modifier,
  • Film Former


  • Styling Product,
  • Hair care
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