Berolamine 20 (BA-20)

Product Line Ethylene amines and ethanolamines

Berolamine-20 (BA-20) is a blend of higher polyethylene polyamines (isomers of TETA, TEPA, PEHA, and higher) and alkanolamines (AEEA, DEA, Hydroxyethyl DETA, and higher). BA-20 is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of asphalt additives, in polyamide resins and corrosion inhibitors. It is also used as a cement grinding agent and flotation agent.

  • Chemical family

    Ethylene Amines
  • CAS number

    84238-53-9 and 68910-05-4
  • Physical form

  • Chemical name

    Higher polyamine blend

Market Segments

Chemical intermediates


  • Scale inhibitor,
  • Chemical Reagent,
  • Scale Removal and Control


  • Hardeners,
  • Oildrilling,
  • Paint,
  • Petroleum Additive,
  • Cement,
  • Epoxy Coating,
  • Adhesives
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