Cadox L-50a Red

Organic peroxides

Organic peroxide

Special purpose MEKP formulation with RED indicator for curing tooling & promoted unsaturated polyester resins at room temperature.

  • Product name

    Cadox L-50a Red
  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
  • CAS number

  • Physical form

  • Regional availability

    Latin America, North America
  • Chemical name

    Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide
  • Applications

    Cadox L-50a Red is an ideal catalyst for the room temperature cure of promoted unsaturated polyester resins. Cadox L-50a Red has a low hydrogen peroxide content which reduces gel coat porosity and provides improved curing of vinyl ester resins. Cadox L-50a Red also has a high MEKP dimer content which may provide better final cure in some resin systems.  Additional end-use information is available in Nouryon’s brochures.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Special purpose catalyst for curing tooling gel coats and promoted unsaturated polyester resins. Low-hydrogen peroxide & high dimer content reduces gel-coat porosity and provides improved curing of vinylester resins.


  • Curing agent
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