Dissolvine StimWell HTF

Product Line Chelates

Dissolvine® StimWell HTF is a versatile production chemical for the oil and gas industry, based on the chelating acid GLDA.

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  • Molecular Weight

    263.2 g/mol
  • Chemical name

    Glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic acid
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    Dissolvine® StimWell HTF is designed for high temperature (up to 400°F) acid stimulation jobs in carbonate or sandstone reservoirs. Due to its low corrosion rate, it requires little or no corrosion inhibitor, even at elevated temperatures. Dissolvine® StimWell HTF can be used as a standalone acid to improve the permeability of the rock and to control iron by the formation of a soluble iron complex. For most applications it is recommended to dilute Dissolvine® StimWell HTF with an equal volume of water prior to use. Dissolvine® StimWell HTF can also be used in combination with other aicds as iron controlling agent.

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Detailed description

Glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic acid, solution in water


  • Emulsifier


  • Acid Pickling,
  • Oilwell Acidizing
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