Promotor C

Product Line Polymer additives

Promotor C is a promoter for cobalt-accelerated cure systems using ketone peroxides.

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  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
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    Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East
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    Organic peroxide
  • Applications

    Promotor C, acetylacetone or 2,4-pentanedione, is a promoter for ketone peroxide/cobalt accelerator based cure systems for the ambient and elevated temperature cure of unsaturated polyester resins.Promotor C when used in combination with e.g. Butanox M-50/ Accelerator NL-49PN will shorten the gel time and will increase the cure speed, which results in a shorter demoulding time.Promotor C can in this respect be used as an alternative for aromatic amines like Accelerator NL-63-10P. Promotor C will not give a yellow discoloration of the endproduct as observed with the use of an amine accelerator. Promotor C can very effectively be used at elevated temperatures to increase the reactivity of perester/cobalt accelerator based cure systems like Trigonox 21, Trigonox 42 or Trigonox C in combination with Accelerator NL-49PN (1% Cobalt) or Accelerator NL-51PN (6% Cobalt).

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Promotor C is a promoter for cobalt-accelerated cure systems using ketone peroxides at ambient and elevated temperatures.


  • Curing agent


  • Resin Transfer Molding,
  • Hand lay-up & spray-up
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