Redicote AP-1

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines

Asphalt additive to improve adhesion, emulsion quality and polymer

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    Latin America, North America

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Improved Emulsion Quality: Use of Redicote® AP-1 aids the emulsification of difficult to emulsify asphalts. Particle size and settlement are reduced, emulsion viscosity increased. Redicote® AP-1 is suitable for both anionic and cationic emulsion formulations. Enhanced Adhesion: Redicote® AP-1 is an effective, heat stable and low odor adhesion promoter for hot asphalt and also for cationic and anionic emulsions. Slows Down Age-Hardening: Laboratory studies show that asphalts treated with Redicote® AP-1 show less hardening in accelerated aging tests.


  • Adhesion Promoter


  • Bitumen and Asphalt Additive
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