Redicote C-150AP

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines


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    Latin America, North America

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Redicote® C-150AP is an Adhesion Promoter for chip seal (hot applied), patch mixes and emulsions. Rapid and medium-setting Cationic Emulsions most often have good adhesion to siliceous aggregates, but anionic emulsions may require the addition of adhesion promoters. Redicote® C-150AP have been specially formulated for use in anionic emulsions. Redicote® C-150AP is a Water-soluble adhesion promoter for anionic emulsions to improve coating and adhesion to aggregate. Additive for asphalt sealers (sealcoat) to improve resistance to moisture. Redicote® C-150AP is an Easy to Use: Water-soluble product can be blended into finished emulsion or sealcoat Use 0.1-0.5% basis emulsion or finished sealcoat. Product contains water and should not be added to hot asphalt.


  • Adhesion Promoter


  • Hot Applied Surface Dressing and Chip Seal,
  • Soft Bitumen or Cutback Mixes
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