Redicote E-11 HF-1

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines

Contains no volatile/flammable solvents for easier storage and safer handling. Provides good quality CSS emulsions

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    Latin America, North America
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    Emulsifier for cationic slow setting emulsions. Break retarder for slurrysurfacing.

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Detailed description

High Flash Point: Redicote® E-11HF-1 does not contain volatile or flammable solvents, which means easier storage and safer handling.   Low Use Level: Redicote® E-11HF-1 gives good quality CSS emulsions with a wide range of asphalts at use levels typically lower than other slow-set emulsifiers.   Easy Handling: The liquidity and water solubility of Redicote® E-11HF-1 makes it easy to use both as an emulsifier and break control additive (retarder) for slurry."  .


  • Emulsifier


  • Fog Seal,
  • Grave Emulsions,
  • Microsurfacing,
  • Open Graded Cold Mixes,
  • Prime Coat,
  • Soil Stabilization,
  • Cationic Slow Set,
  • Cold Recycling Mixes,
  • Slurry Surfacing
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