Rediset LQ-1102C

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines

Provides a reduction in mixing and paving temperatures while providing a built in anti-stripping effect.

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    Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America

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REDISET® LQ allows a reduction in mixing and paving temperatures while providing built in anti-stripping effect. It can be also used as Compaction aid for hot and warm mixes. REDISET® LQ allows the asphalt mixing temperature to be reduced by 15-30°C (25-55° F) while ensuring good coating and workability. REDISET® LQ allows a reduction in paving and compaction temperatures hence reduces fumes associated with hot asphalt paving. Mixes prepared with REDISET® LQ meet moisture resistance requirements without the need for additional liquid adhesion promoter. REDISET® LQ is a liquid product that can be metered into the asphalt line at the hot-mix plant with an injection system.


  • Adhesion Promoter,
  • Wetting agent


  • Warm Mix,
  • Foam Warm Mix
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