Sodium Thiocyanate 50%-C

Product Line Sulfur products

Inorganic Thiocyanates

Inorganic thiocyanates are used for a broad range of applications but mainly used as raw materials or auxiliaries in fiber production, for agricultural products, in photography and in the chemical industry. The C-Grade has been especially developed to serve to the particular requirements of the construction and Admixture Industry.

  • Product name

    Sodium Thiocyanate 50%-C
  • Chemical family

    Inorganic Thiocyanates
  • CAS number

  • Chemical Formula

  • Regional availability

  • Chemical name

    Sodium thiocyanate
  • Molecular Weight

  • Applications

    In construction industry as a concrete hardening accelerator.

Market Segments

Chemical intermediates

Detailed description

De-icing fluids for airplanes to increase the melting performance of the liquid and increasing passenger safety in the skies, as well as for herbicides and fungicides.


  • Textile Auxiliary,
  • Accelerator,
  • Deicing,
  • Additive,
  • Solvent,
  • Fungicide/Fungistat


  • Hair Color and Dye,
  • Inks and Pigments,
  • Construction
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