SolAmaze Natural polymer

Product Line Biopolymers

SolAmaze® Natural is a novel bio-based, biodegradable, film-forming polymer that offers superior water resistance and pleasing aesthetics for high SPF emulsion sunscreens. SolAmaze® Natural is globally approved and was developed to maintain the performance of leading synthetic polymers while reducing the persistence in the environment.

  • Brand

  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
  • Applications

    Ideal for traditional organic sunscreens up to SPF50+; fully mineral sunscreen formulations; anhydrous sunscreen sticks; daily wear moisturizer with SPF; color cosmetics; and face, body, hand and foot creams and lotions.

Market Segments

Personal care

Detailed description

Biodegradable film-forming polymer for water resistance.


  • Water resistance,
  • Film Former


  • Skin Cream and Lotion,
  • Color Cosmetic,
  • Sun care
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