Sulfur Dichloride

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Sulfur compounds

Sulfur Dichloride is a reddish-orange to dark red fuming liquid with a pungent chlorine odor that reacts violently with water to produce toxic and corrosive gases.

  • Product name

    Sulfur Dichloride
  • Chemical family

    Sulfur compounds
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  • Regional availability

    North America
  • Chemical name

    Sulfur chlorides
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  • Applications

    Sulfur dichloride and sulfur monochloride are collectively known as sulfur chlorides, which are versatile reagents for the introduction of sulfur or chlorine in the synthesis of organic and other industrial products. They are used in the preparation of additives for extreme pressure lubricants from phenols and in vulcanizing agents for natural and synthetic rubbers. They also play a role in the synthesis of insecticides, pharmaceuticals, and dyes. Synthesis of sulfur chlorides is by the controlled reaction of chlorine gas with elemental sulfur.

Market Segments

Chemical intermediates

Detailed description

Reacts violently with water to produce hydrogen chloride and other toxic and corrosive gases.


  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Lubrication,
  • Chemical Reagent,
  • Rubber processing chemicals,
  • Fungicide/Fungistat


  • Dyes,
  • Fungicides,
  • Gear Lubricants,
  • Rubber Vulcanization,
  • Chemical reagent,
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
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