Thioplast EPS35

Product Line Thioplast - polysulfides

Thioplast® EPS35 is a purely aliphatic epoxy-terminated polysulfide polymer. This worldwide unique product is used in combination with conventional epoxy resins to manufacture high-performance heavy-duty adhesives and coatings featuring excellent primerless adhesion, low-temperature impact and crack resistance, improved chemical resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

  • Brand

  • Chemical family

  • CAS number

  • Physical form

  • Regional availability

    China, Europe, North America
  • Chemical name

    Liquid polysulfide polymer with epoxy end groups
  • Applications

    Thioplast® EPS35 is primarily used in metal or concrete coatings to improve the flexibility, impact and thermal shock resistance as well as the resistivity against chemicals, oils, corrosion and low-temperature cracks. Thioplast® EPS35 is compatible with most Bisphenol A, A/F, F and Novolac resins and can also be used in epoxy-based adhesives and sealant formulations. As with any product, the use of Thioplast® EPS35 in a given application must be tested (including, but not limited to field testing) in advance by the user to determine suitability. Thioplast® EPS35 is used in two-component systems. Typical curatives are linear or cyclic aliphatic or aromatic amines.

Market Segments

Building and construction

Detailed description

Thioplast® EPS35 is a polysulfide, Epoxy-functionalized


  • Raw Material,
  • Binder,
  • Flexibility,
  • Additive,
  • Adhesion Promoter,
  • Sealant


  • Electronic Devices,
  • Flooring,
  • Hardeners,
  • Paint,
  • Prime Coat,
  • Building Industry,
  • Construction,
  • Epoxy Coating,
  • Polysulfides,
  • Adhesives,
  • Sealant
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