Thioplast G21F

Product Line Thioplast - polysulfides

This grade´s unique combination of strength, elasticity, weatherability and gas tightness makes it the industry's first choice for insulating glass sealants. Formulators tailor properties like pot-life, tensile strength, adhesion and elongation at break by choosing from various compatible plasticizers, fillers and other additives. The viscosity, degree of branching and SH content can easily be adjusted by blending this grade with others to generate your tailored Thioplast polysulfide.

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  • Chemical name

    Liquid polysulfide polymer with thiol end groups (MW > 1800)
  • Applications

    Thioplast G21F is used to formulate flexible, highly elastic sealants being used in Insulating Glass applications with best performance in high Nobel Gas retention and low moisture vapor permeability. Furthermore, Thioplast G21F is used in low viscos sealants with good UV-resistance being used in construction applications. Recommended use in combination with Managanese(IV)oxide curing agent (7.5-9.4 g MnO₂/100g).

Market Segments

Building and construction

Detailed description

polysulfide, Mercapto-functionalized


  • Sealant


  • Insulating glass sealants
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