Product Line High purity metalorganics

High Purity Metalorganics

TMIn SSG is a solid indium precursor for the compound semiconductor industry.

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    TMIn SSG
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    High Purity Metalorganics
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    TMI SSG is used as a high quality solid indium precursor for the deposition of compound semiconductors which are used in applications such laser diodes, sensors (VCSEL), light emitting diodes (LED) and concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV). Trimethylindium is solid high purity metalorganic. To guarantee a consistent molar flow concentration and high utilization of the cylinder content, we have developed a unique and patented technology delivery technology called the Hiperquad. Check out our cylinders and equipment page to learn more about this technology.

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TMIn SSG is a solid indium precursor (Select Semiconductor Grade) for the deposition of compound semiconductors.


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  • Electronic Devices
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