Tackling extreme conditions with
Thioplast® polysulfides-based coatings

When it comes to safeguarding surfaces in harsh environments, the role of Thioplast® polysulfides in protective coatings is paramount. Whether battling relentless weathering, corrosive chemicals, or extreme conditions, the need to fortify surfaces against these challenges is undeniable.

Thioplast® polysulfides, with their unique protective properties, are instrumental in ensuring the long-term resilience of coatings in demanding environments.

Reinforcing coatings for superior performance

EPS-type Thioplast® polysulfides are epoxy terminated, low-viscosity polysulfide resins. This unique formulation integrates the exceptional properties of Thioplast® G polysulfides with the favorable attributes of epoxy resins, making them a standout choice for diverse coating needs.

Versatile combinations

Depending on the specific demands of the application, Thioplast® EPS polysulfides can be effectively utilized independently or in combination with conventional aromatic A/F-glycidyl ethers, novolacs, and other epoxies, providing versatility and tailored performance.

Thioplast polysulfides in marine coatings harsh environments
Marine coatings play a vital role in protecting ships from corrosive saltwater, impact, and biofouling, ensuring their durability and longevity in harsh maritime environments.

Thioplast® EPS polysulfides


 Thioplast® EPS polysulfides exhibit exceptional adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, enhancing the robustness and longevity of coatings.


Excellent resistance against diluted acids, alkalis, and solvents. Ideal for applications where exposure to harsh chemicals is a concern.


Thioplast® EPS polysulfides provide outstanding mechanical stability and durability, enhancing the long-term integrity of coatings.

Versatile solutions for critical applications

Thioplast® EPS resins are widely utilized across  industries and scenarios due to their diverse applications:

Marine environments: These resins form integral components in coatings designed and is essential for protecting ship hulls and marine structures from the corrosive effects of saltwater and harsh marine conditions.

Industrial infrastructure: Plays a crucial role in safeguarding equipment, pipelines, chemical plants and structures from chemical exposure and environmental stress in industrial settings, particularly in environments where mechanical and chemical stresses are significant factors.

Aerospace engineering: Pivotal in shielding aircraft components and structures from the demanding conditions encountered during flight and while grounded.

Thioplast in Sealants for oil pipeline
In the realm of gas and oil pipeline coatings, Thioplast® EPS polysulfides are the solution for enduring challenging conditions. Combining the strengths of polysulfide and epoxies, these coatings ensure corrosion stability through excellent adhesion on diverse surfaces, and high chemical resistance.

Intumescent coatings

Epoxy-based intumescent coatings are fire-resistant coatings used to protect structural materials from fire damage. In the event of a fire, these coatings swell up and form a protective char layer, insulating the substrate beneath. Polysulfides, when added to these coatings, enhance their performance by improving their flexibility, impact resistance even at low temperatures and adhesion to the substrate. This ensures better durability and resistance to cracking, which ultimately enhances the fire protection provided by the intumescent coating system.

Thioplast polysulfides in intumescent coating
Steel structure with epoxy-based intumescent coatings, effectively prolonging fire protection and extending evacuation time, enhancing building safety.

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