Materiality Assessment

In 2019, Nouryon conducted an assessment using internal and external insights to identify key sustainability issues that are most important to our company and where we can make a difference in our operations or through our products.

With the support of sustainability consultancy Corporate Citizenship, a long list of topics was identified through research into sector issues, media reporting, NGO reports and a review of international CSR frameworks and standards such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the GRI and SASB reporting standards or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

The assessment helped shape our sustainability agenda by defining the areas to focus on, including target setting, partnerships, and the identification of six key UN Sustainable Development Goals to which Nouryon contributes.

Issues were then prioritized using in-depth interviews with customers, suppliers, Nouryon leaders and employees at different levels, as well as desk-research into key topics.


The assessment underlined the importance of Health and Safety in all aspects of our operations, which remains a cornerstone of our approach to “Improve” every day, in addition to our focus on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Health and safety goes right to the nature of business. You cannot have good employee rights and well-being if there is a high level of incidents.” – Interview with a Nouryon leader

Both internal and external analysis also showed the importance of innovation and product development to grow our offering of sustainable solutions, which helps our customers make better and more sustainable products we all use every day. Other key topics include ethics and transparency, employee rights, and product stewardship.