Inclusion is a core element of our culture and necessary to support our diverse, global workforce and business success.

Our approach

Nouryon fosters a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment to unlock the full potential of our global workforce, drive collaboration and innovation, and understand the unique needs of our customers. Our inclusive culture begins with our employees and is rooted in our Values and Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, which remind us to 'Aim high' and 'Do it right' as we continuously pursue an environment, in which every person feels welcomed and invited to share ideas and question the status quo. This ensures employees are continually reminded of their commitment to treating one another equally, regardless of age, race, national origin, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and to treating people with courtesy, dignity and respect as we work together to achieve results for our customers.

Our Inclusion & Diversity program is built on four pillars:

Governance | Attracting, retaining and developing talent | Business Resource Groups and initiatives | Community involvement

Key achievements:

  • 36% gender and racial/ethnic diversity representation on our Board of Directorsrepresented on our Board of Directors 
  • 23% of mid-level managers and above are female.
  • Four Business Resource Groups – Nouryon Women’s Network, Pride, Veterans, and Boost (for junior employees)
  • Established Global Mentoring Program.
  • Established Global I&D Network, with 50 representatives from 35 Nouryon locations, to localize and activate I&D initiatives.

I&D Progress

We believe a workforce that includes diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is critical to our success and to anticipate and meet the needs of our global customers. In 2022, we continued to make progress.

In 2022, we took steps to further understand the current levels of diversity throughout our organization, relying on data collection and analysis to measure and track our progress. This will allow us to track our progress, recognize areas of improvement, identify areas of opportunity at all levels of our organization, and develop action plans. As a result, we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Greater representation of women and racially/ethnically diverse employees in middle management and senior leadership
  • Inclusive leadership training to leadership teams and to our emerging leaders through our Senior Leadership Development Program
  • Inclusive hiring and interviewing practices
  • Continuing to build a high-performing culture through inclusive leadership and I&D initiatives:
    • Women in STEM fields in order to connect and support women in chemistry with networking and professional development opportunities, Recognizing International Women’s Day and International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Partnering with the Society of Women Engineers to provide career opportunities to female engineering students and professionals.
    • Actively recruit diverse candidates in STEM fields by partnering with the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers to provide career opportunities to Black and Hispanic engineering students and professionals.

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Business Resource Groups and initiatives

We have four company-wide, employee-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs), with over 800 members, that provide career development advice, mentorship, community service and global networking and knowledge sharing opportunities.

BRGs are open to all employees, whether they identify with the specific group or consider themselves allies. Our largest BRG, the Nouryon Women Network, has more than 400 active members. Employee initiatives are organized around certain dates or events (e.g., International Women’s day, Pride, etc.). Our current BRGs include:

  • Nouryon Women’s Network
  • Nouryon Veterans Network (US)
  • Nouryon Pride Network (for LGBTQ+ employees and allies)
  • BOOST (junior professionals and those new to Nouryon). 

We develop our diverse workforce through trainings, events offered by our BRGs and mentorship programs. Currently, over 200 employees participate as either mentors or mentees.  With the establishment of a dedicated I&D function, we expect
additional BRGs to be created in the coming year.

Did you know?

Our sites perform volunteer outreach initiatives to engage and contribute to the communities in which we operate, including:

  • $300,000 for Autism Research and Care
  • Providing support to the Kids in Need Foundation in the US
  • Partnering with our local Volunteer Fire Corps in Japan
  • Inaugural Employee Global Month of Service

Governance and strategy

Inclusion & Diversity at Nouryon is both a bottom-up and top-down program. We are all responsible for maintaining our inclusive work environment and many of our initiatives and ideas originate with our employees.

The activation and localization of Nouryon’s I&D program is implemented by our global I&D Network, which was created in 2021 and consists of 50 representatives from businesses and functions from 35 Nouryon locations around the world. Our I&D Network representatives also act as local liaisons
for employee ideas, suggestions, and concerns. In addition, they take an active role in promoting the Business Resource Groups (BRGs) operating at Nouryon.


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Learn more about how we engage with our people, communities and society to drive progress together in line with our active participation in the United Nations Global Compact.

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