Levasil CB is excellent for use underground, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, thanks to its high ground consolidation and water sealing capabilities

Together with a gel-activator, colloidal silica creates an ideal sealing grout that accurately matches the targeted application and desired open time. By adjusting colloidal silica grades and concentrations, the perfect geological structure for consolidation can be achieved.

Rock injection

To achieve extremely watertight tunnel structures, cement grouting alone may not be sufficient. By combining traditional grouting with Levasil CB gel treatment, it is possible to create a durable seal of tunnels in various types of rock.

Soil stabilization

Permeation grouting with Levasil CB gel treatment is used to emplace a low permeability subsurface barrier in sand and silt formations. The low viscosity Levasil CB forms after gelling an impermeable barrier that is biologically and chemically inert, unaffected by filtration, and environmentally safe.

Soil liquefaction prevention

Liquefaction prevention is done by preventing the water from flowing freely in the saturated sand. The low viscosity Levasil CB solution penetrates the soil and replaces the water. Once the gel is formed it prevents the liquefaction from occurring.

The mechanism of gelling

When adding an accelerator (a salt solution) to colloidal silica, a gelling process starts. The formed gel network prohibits liquid transport within the gel volume and is a valuable tool in ground consolidation.

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