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Last few months, we shared stories about how many folks turned to baking at home during the COVID-19 lockdown months, highlighting effective kitchen cleaning solutions to address cleanup needs following these cookoffs.

Looking beyond kitchen adventures, a broader reality awaits us when life returns to normal: time-starved consumers will continue to drive product innovations which will allow them to accomplish household chores with more convenience and speed. Whether it is machine-aided solutions or more effective product formats, saving time by avoiding mundane daily cleaning chores will allow consumers to partake in more productive, lifestyle-enhancing activities.

Dishwashing, together with laundry care and surface care, form the largest scope within household cleaning spending. The global dishwashing market is estimated to be worth close to $16 billion. The Asia Pacific region, accounting for almost a third of the global market, is the second largest market in the world.

New dishwashing products and innovations are motivated by different drivers, such as eco concerns, product safety and efficacy. According to a Consumer Lifestyles survey conducted by Euromonitor, 19% of consumers in Asia Pacific stated that they are looking for ways to simplify their lives, and 11% are willing to spend money in order to save time. This evolving consumer behavior has already started to support growth in sales of dishwashers in China and is expected to drive demand for automatic dishwashing products in the future.

Apart from machine-aided cleaning solutions, manual dishwashing cleaners have also been formulated with more potent and concentrated active ingredients to clean faster and better. Foam formats have gained popularity over the traditional liquid or powder form due to convenience and good surface coverage, which helps minimize manual handling and contact with grime and detergent.

Nouryon’s HPC team has assembled a range of functional solutions to help formulators deliver optimum degreasing, emulsifying and foaming performance for a faster and more effortless way to clean dishes.

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The hero ingredients in our starting formulation include:

  • Berol® 266: Highly targeted narrow range nonionic surfactant that degreases effectively at both high and low temperatures. Indirect food contact safe.
  • Aromox® MCD-W: Vegetable oil based with outstanding wetting and foaming properties. Generates stable suds to effectively dislodge soil from surface.
  • Alcoguard® H5941: Modified starch hybrid polymer. Based on >75% renewable resources and is readily and anaerobically biodegradable. Effectively improves dispersion and anti-redeposition performance for a cleaner wash.
  • Dissolvine® GL-47-S/GL-Plus: Chelating agent based on natural ingredients. Readily biodegradable with low ecotox profile.

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