New low-dioxane specifications for proven products

Consumer demand and regulatory requirements dictate that cleaning products in the United State contain low levels of the impurity 1,4-dioxane. As a result, we have introduced new certified low-dioxane specifications (<10ppm, or lower) for a variety of ethoxylated products that consumers rely on to achieve a deep, long-lasting clean in their homes and workplaces.

Our new low-dioxane portfolio helps the cleaning industry adapt existing formulations or create new formulations that comply with state regulatory limits on 1,4-dioxane impurity levels, particularly in the U.S. states of New York and California.

This portfolio includes trusted, high-performance degreasers and cleaners from our Berol® and Ethylan® ranges, including products based on performance-differentiated narrow range ethoxylate technologies:

Berol 226 SA

Synergistic surfactant blend for optimized cleaning and easy handling 

Berol 260 & 266

Primary surfactant performance degreasers

Berol 609

Nonyl phenol ethoxylate replacement technology

Berol DR-B1

Performance cleaner for outside usage; qualified for direct release into the environment

Ethylan 1005

Low foam, low aquatic toxicity primary surfactant degreaser

All the above products are listed as U.S. EPA CleanGredients, which can be used to develop Safer Choice certified formulations, with some also certified for the more challenging Direct Release accreditation.

Samples of our new low-dioxane ethoxylated surfactants are available for shipping within the United States.

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