Optimizing your wellbore stability and formation protection

Enhance your formulations with our specialized additives for a diverse range of drilling conditions--from challenging temperatures and pressures to high-salinity environments--delivered through innovation, collaboration, and rigorous lab and application testing.

Our surfactant-, cellulose-, and polymer-based additives enable you to create more effective solutions to control formation pressure, seal permeable formations, maintain wellbore stability, minimize formation damage, cool/lubricate drill bits, and clean drilling equipment.

Look to our portfolio to extend your performance of oil- and water-based drilling muds, disperse, retard and stabilize cement, dissolve filter cake, and facilitate fluid viscosity without hindering well deliverability in the production phase.

When seeking chemistries that progress your oil drilling and completion, our experts can aid you:

Water- and Oil-based Mud Additives: Prevent fluid loss with dispersants, viscosifiers, rheology modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and emulsifiers that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Cementing and Completion Additives: Improve cement stability with dispersants and retarders that are effective at high temperatures and at minimizing gas migration control additives.

Cleaning Agents: Degrease rig equipment and remove screen blockage with emulsifiers, cleaning and wetting agents, and dispersants.

Ask us how we can help you create formulations free of nonylphenols (NP) and BTEX in compliance with OSPAR, REACH, and TSCA regulations.

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