Go all natural with Amaze™ SP bio-based polymer

The market trend for natural products and hair styles accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are now very conscious of their own environmental footprint and are becoming more educated about the integrity of the ingredients in the products they use. Telecommuting has boosted demand for lighter-texture hair products that help them appear more casual, though still well-groomed.

Delivering such products can be a challenge. Synthetic styling polymers, which aren’t eco-friendly, are designed for traditionally elaborate hair styles, while many natural solutions fail to meet performance criteria. The exceptional sensory and fixative properties of Amaze SP bio-based polymer (INCI Name: Sodium Polyitaconate) make it the ideal choice for formulating products that meet today’s natural and nude styling trends.

Nouryon's Amaze SP is a 100% natural polymer that provides a unique weightless hold while enabling an effortless look that accentuates individual hair types. Conventional hard-hold polymers form an even, continuous film over the hair shaft.

Amaze SP bio-based polymer locks the cuticle down at the cortex, giving hair a smoother, glossier appearance. It provides humidity resistant style retention, volume and anti-frizz performance comparable to synthetic polymers.


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Extensive testing by our technical team has yielded the following additional insights:

Superior humidity resistance vs. PVP/VA and BioStyle™ polymers after 24 hours.

24-hour high-humidity curl retention with no impact by pH or use levels above three percent.

More volume build in fine hair vs. fully synthetic and partially natural benchmarks.

Thermal protection up to 450°F (230°C).

Faster drying than Polyquaternium-4 under ambient and elevated temperature conditions.


Recommended applications

Amaze SP bio-based polymer can be used in a variety of hair styling products and formats such as pump hair sprays, lotions, creams, mousses, gels and low-pH systems. Its production follows the principles of green chemistry: sourced from a natural, sustainable, renewable source, the production process is low waste, low energy and water based.


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Meet your customers’ needs by going all natural with Amaze SP:

Excellent hair manageability

Leaves hair looking natural with a healthy shine

Volume boosting for fine hair

Anti-frizz for curly hair

Thermal protection

Reduced dry time

Humidity resistant style retention

Suitable for natural certified products (non GMO)

COSMOS approved

NATRUE approved


Technical details:

INCI: Sodium Polyitaconate

Appearance: Off-white to yellow free flowing granulate

pH: 4.8 – 5.6 (at 10 weight % in water)

Shelf Life: 2 years

Solubility: Readily water soluble (up to 40%)

Format: Low dusting granule

Formulating with Amaze SP

Amaze SP bio-based polymer is readily soluble in water as well as in water/ethanol blends (>35% ethanol at 3% polymer). Water/ethanol solubility drops as pH increases. It requires no neutralization to perform. The natural pH is below neutral and can make formulations unstable; the pH of the polymer can be raised (for example with AMP-95 / AMP Ultra PC-2000) to increase emulsion stability. Amaze SP naturally yellows over time, and is accelerated with temperatures (>40°C). Color can be mitigated by adding External Violet solution.  A recommendation is to package the formulation in opaque packaging. 


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Featured formulations

Anti-Frizz Cream (2899-80.D)
In this very effective anti-frizz cream, Amaze SP bio-based polymer forms a stable formulation with Celquat® SC-230M resulting in no frizz even after 24h at 70ºC and 90% RH.


Dry Texturizing Jelly (2609-74)
This is a multifunctional unique texture product designed to refresh and texturize a hairstyle.  The formulation contains Amaze XT polymer for rheology modification and to provide the hair with hold and humidity resistance. This formulation also contains Amaze SP bio-based polymer for invisible texturizing with a 100% natural cosmos and ecocert polymer.  The formulation also contains a suite of natural based aesthetic modifiers to absorb oil and add volume to the hair.

Prime Time Spritz (2860-2.C)
This is a lightweight, non-aerosol pump spray style primer that provides a natural style to the hair. The formula utilizes Amaze SP bio-based polymer to help build a natural volume and provide thermal protection to the hair through the heat styling process. This pump spray can also be used as a texture spray providing invisible style definition and quicker air drying to gently secure the style.

Zero VOC Whipped Curl Enhancing Mousse (2609-75)
This is an invisible hair styling mousse that provides curl definition and anti-frizz properties. This formulation utilizes the Amaze SP bio-based polymer which delivers invisible control and hold from a 100% natural polymer that is certifiable for use in COSMOS and ECOCERT formulations in addition to Amaze XT polymer, which gives the mousse some more cushion and additional humidity resistance. This formulation also utilizes an extremely low global warming potential propellant which is non-flammable.

Everlasting Make-up Setting Spray (MV-01-42)
This weightless spray is your last step as you walk out the door to set your makeup all day and all night. Amaze SP bio-based polymer creates a lightweight feel that instantly tightens the skin and keeps makeup in place longer than synthetic alternatives. Easily formulated with ElfaMoist® AC Humectant for long-term moisturization. Create an everLasting beautiful look!

Intensify Natural Mascara (MV-01-39)
Volumize, lengthen and seriously intensify lashes with this innovative natural mascara. Amaze SP bio-based polymer provides lightweight hold to keep lashes curled and in place all day long.


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Additional formulations:

#GoNude - Beautifying Cream (2609-73)
An invisible hair styling cream that provides curl definition and anti-frizz properties, with Amaze SP bio-based polymer delivering invisible control and hold.

Pump It Up - Natural Styling Mousse (2860-4.C)
A lightweight, non-aerosol mousse designed to refresh curls and bring their bounce back to life.

Perfectly Undone Volumizing Mousse (2860-19.A)
A lightweight, all natural mousse providing a very natural style to the hair. Using Amaze SP bio-based polymer, this mousse gives a weightless hold while also offering a soft bounce without the stiffness of a traditional mousse. In addition to the lightweight style, the Amaze SP bio-based polymer also gives the hair a bit of texture to build on before locking in a finished style.