Most peroxide formulations on the market are only available in powder form or granules made from compacted powder. These products have the tendency to form dust, which can build up in production units, storage facilities, and weighing rooms. Dust can increase risk for health, safety, and the environment. Applying Nouryon’s polymer bound formulations based on elastomeric carriers, the dust problem is solved.

We offer brand new Perkadox® 14-EP40 and Perkadox® BC-EP40 masterbatches. These new elastomeric pellets contain 40% of our well-known high quality Perkadox® 14 and Perkadox® BC crosslinking peroxides. Our customers have provided excellent feedback; could we explore the benefits they are receiving?

Free flowing, dust-free, easy to disperse, and low color

Exposure scenarios for chemicals get increased attention by customers and authorities. An important topic is the requirements to minimize exposure of operators to ‘chemical dust’. The main property of Perkadox® 14-EP40 and Perkadox® BC-EP40 products is that the peroxide is encapsulated in the polymer carrier. The new peroxide masterbatches do not show caking during storage, therefore anti-caking agents can be omitted, which makes the products dust free yet still free flowing! The result is a dust-free environment in the weighing room, making it far tidier and a safer workplace for the employees. There is no product inhalation hazard for the employees during handling of the material. In addition, as the products are free flowing, it is possible to dose them with loss in weight dosing equipment.

The pellets are white or off-white hence minimal impact of color stability of the final product.

Fast mixing and final quality improvement

The agglomeration of curatives in final rubber compounds, also called nesting, is an effect which is observed by rubber compounders, especially when powder or compressed powders (granules) are applied. This results in a poorly cured article and/or visual defects, also called hot spots. Perkadox® 14-EP40 and Perkadox® BC-EP40 peroxides are polymer bound and contain optimal pre-dispersed active material. This will lower the probability of curative agglomeration and facilitates homogeneous compounding.  

The excellent compatibility of the masterbatches is translated into the faster incorporation speed, which is beneficial for every compounder. This pays out in production time and energy consumption! In addition, the product is compatible with various polymers.

The polymer bound formulations can be used in batch processes like internal mixers and two roll mills, as well as continuous screw / kneader compounding.

Explosion safety

The new polymer bound formulations do not generate dust, which is of huge importance to prevent dust explosions, flash-off caused by dust clouds, and so on. The minimum ignition energy for polymer bound formulation is relatively high, and these new formulations are classified as type G products, which means that there are no peroxide UN 5.2 hazard ratings and there is an unlimited package size.

Waste management & sustainability

The absence of dust in the product means that the residue (left-over) in packaging is minimal to zero! This can simplify the disposal of packaging, minimizing the impact on the environment, and benefit the customers sustainability.

In below table the specifications of the new masterbatches can be found.


Perkadox® 14-EP40 Perkadox® BC-EP40


Off-white granules|
39.0-41.0 wt%

Off-white granules|
39.0-41.0  wt%


Density, 20°C
Poured bulk density
Tapped bulk density
Package size (bag in box)

1.05 g/cm3
535 kg/m3
585 kg/m3
20 kg

1.20 g/cm3
675 kg/m3
730 kg/m3
25 kg


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