Nouryon's peroxide emulsions serve current and future needs of the PVC industry. These peroxide formulations show improved product quality, more favorable sustainability aspects and provide better safety standards for the production of PVC. The formulation has been chosen so that these peroxide emulsions can be used in food-contact applications. Newly developed methanol-free peroxide formulations are suitable for the US PVC industry.

In general, peroxide emulsions are water-based, which makes the emulsion intrinsically safer than solvent-based formulations. Also, the use of emulsions is translated into improved PVC quality, where the finely dispersed peroxide droplets create less fish-eyes in the final product. Trigonox® EHP-W60 is an example of widely used peroxide emulsion in the PVC industry. Another example is Trigonox® 187-W40 which is directly suited for the latest standard in PVC production, Nouryon’s Continuous initiator Dosing (CiD).

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