Our high-performance water treatment solutions perform a variety of functions

Scale inhibitors: our Aquatreat®, Versa, and Versaflex® scale inhibitors control scale in varying water conditions in cooling waters, boilers, geothermal and other applications where scale control is critical. We offer a full line of synthetic, biodegradable and renewable polymers to fit your needs.

Tagged polymers: our LumaTreat polymer line has fluorescent monomer bonded directly on the polymer to provide accurate measurement of the “free” polymer in the system. They allow water treaters to remotely determine if their system is operating normally or in upset condition as well as reduce polymer dosage and travel costs.

Metal precipitants: our non-polymer Aquamet® metal precipitants quickly complex metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, chromium, lead, and mercury and form insoluble precipitates. These dense, compact precipitates are easily dewatered, thereby minimizing hazardous solid waste disposal, resulting in lower disposal costs and improved environmental impact.

Desalination and reverse osmosis: our Versaflex® RO products provide outstanding performance for severe service and general purpose applications including the control of CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, calcium phosphates, heavy metals, silica and silicates.

Rheology modifiers: our Alcogum® synthetic rheology modifiers are designed for use as thickeners in numerous application areas and a wide range of pH values. Our portfolio includes direct gums, alkali swellable rheology modifiers, acid swellable rheology modifiers, and our lastest innovation: core shell rheology modifiers.

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