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Nouryon introduces all-in-one sustainable adjuvant for the global agricultural market

18 Nov 2020 - News

Nouryon has introduced a sustainable, salt-free adjuvant for customers in the global agricultural market. Adsee AMP40 is biodegradable and an all-in-one product that offers a more cost-efficient solution for customers.

Adsee AMP40 has multiple attributes, making it a great tool for our customer

Adjuvants are defined as ingredients added to a mixture to aid or modify the action of an agrochemical, or to alter the physical characteristics of the mixture. Adjuvants that work as compatibilizers allow different active ingredients to be mixed together to increase the effectiveness of crop protection formulations.

Adsee AMP40 has multiple attributes, making it a great tool for our customers,” said Ignacio Garin, Vice President Agricultural Specialties at Nouryon. “It improves efficacy as a penetrant and works as a humectant and compatibilizer. These attributes address some of the challenges our customers are facing.”

Adjuvants will play an important role in supporting the global agriculture industry as it responds to the demand to become more efficient and to minimize its environmental impact. “Farming practices are expected to change greatly over the next 10 years to be more technology driven, requiring less use of crop protection products, reduced water consumption and improved crop yields,” said Garin. “These changes will require the use of higher-performing adjuvants and Nouryon will be ready to support our customers when that happens.”

Larry Ryan, Executive Vice President Performance Formulations, added: “Agriculture is one of Nouryon’s key strategic end markets, and we have been working closely with our customers to deliver products that meet their changing needs. We are pleased to offer more sustainable solutions for their formulations through products such as Adsee AMP40, while also providing significant performance and cost improvements.

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