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Nouryon enters into exclusive agreement with Brenntag Specialties to distribute proprietary LumaTreat® tagged polymers in the US and Canada

16 Aug 2022 - News

Nouryon today announced an exclusive agreement with Brenntag Specialties to serve as the sole distributor of Nouryon’s patented LumaTreat® tagged polymers in the US and Canada. The agreement encompasses a wide portfolio of Nouryon’s specialty polymers and provides water treatment professionals greater access to critical ingredients for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems.

“Our distribution agreement with Brenntag ensures that Nouryon’s portfolio of innovative and essential water treatment solutions is available to our customers in the US and Canada,” said Joppe Smit, Nouryon Vice President of Natural Resources. “Nouryon’s customers will benefit from the combination of highly trained sales and technical teams, formulation support, comprehensive regulatory know-how, and exceptional quality and service.”

As the sole distributor of Nouryon’s proprietary LumaTreat® tagged polymers in the US and Canada, Brenntag offers a portfolio designed to reduce risk and downtime for industrial water treatment system operators. In addition to the patented LumaTreat® tagged polymers, Brenntag will also distribute a selection of Nouryon’s other water treatment technologies, including Aquatreat®, Versaflex® and Versa-TL® polymers that provide scale control and dispersancy, acting as deposit-control agents that prevent scale and debris from adhering to the heat transfer surfaces.


“Adding LumaTreat® tagged polymers to our expanding portfolio ensures another innovative solution is available to help solve scale and deposit issues in industrial water treatment applications,” said Brian Liotta, Director, Water Treatment, Brenntag Americas. “The ability to reduce treatment costs through accurate monitoring also provides opportunities to reduce water use, which helps with overall sustainability goals.”

LumaTreat® tagged polymers incorporate fluorescent monomers that “smart tag” deposit-control agents used in water treatment to optimize polymer and water usage. This technology uniquely enables water treatment professionals to measure the amount of available polymer while preventing scale deposit build-up that can cause system disruptions, such as hot spots, pH pump failure, or changing water conditions.

Nouryon provides essential solutions for the global water management industry while enhancing environmental sustainability. In addition to synthetic, biodegradable, and renewable polymers to address scale control and dispersancy, Nouryon’s broad water treatment product portfolio also includes film-forming corrosion inhibitors, non-polymer metal precipitating agents, and chelates.

Nouryon recently announced it was granted a US patent for LumaTreat® tagged polymer products. Read about the LumaTreat® tagged polymers patent here.

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