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Nouryon introduces new high-efficiency Kromasil® spherical silica for novel peptide-based pharmaceuticals

20 Jun 2023 - News

Nouryon today announced the launch of Kromasil® 100Å diC4 spherical silica.

This patent-pending, high-efficiency chromatography media is used for the purification of novel peptide-based pharmaceuticals in the GLP-1 agonist class including type 2 diabetes and obesity treatments. The announcement was made during the CPHI & PMEC China show in Shanghai, China.

"Our new Kromasil® spherical silica for purification applications highlights our commitment to deliver innovative, sustainable and customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. Nouryon is proud to provide our pharmaceutical customers with safe and effective purification solutions that patients with chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, rely on every day," said Larry Ryan, Executive Vice President Performance Formulations and President Americas at Nouryon.  

Many of the substances used in the production of type 2 diabetes pharmaceuticals are challenging to purify efficiently to meet the high standard required to be approved for safe use by patients. By using Kromasil® spherical silica products it is possible to reach the 99.5% purity needed for regulatory approval in only two steps compared to three or four steps, which is often the case in the industry today. This translates into greatly improved efficiency and productivity for customers.

“Nouryon’s innovative Kromasil® 100Å diC4 spherical silica is a great addition to our broad Kromasil® portfolio and offers pharmaceutical manufacturers another option for efficient purification of GLP-1 agonists such as liraglutide and semaglutide,” said Patrick Wilhelm, Vice President of Inorganic Specialties at Nouryon. “Our customers both in China and across the globe will now be able to significantly optimize their purification processes while maintaining the required purity.”

Kromasil® high-performance silica products greatly improve the effectiveness of liquid chromatography in full scale production due to the combination of its high pore volume and surface area, together with a very high mechanical stability. The new Kromasil® 100Å diC4 spherical silica expands Nouryon’s existing Kromasil® GLP-1 agonist purification toolbox.

The broad Kromasil® spherical silica chromatography product portfolio enables tailor-made solutions for the different conditions in customers’ purification processes to meet the highest purity requirements while enhancing process economics due to superior durability and loadability. Additionally, Nouryon’s Kromasil® diC4 spherical silica enables improved ways to remove impurities from various peptide crudes. 

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