Adsee AMP40

Surfactants - Non-ionic

Adsee AMP40 is an all-in-one biodegradable adjuvant for crop protection formulations. It is a salt-free amphoteric surfactant, designed to be used as an adjuvant for both in-can and tank-mix applications.

  • Product name

    Adsee AMP40
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  • Chemical name

    Amphoteric Surfactant
  • Applications

    Versatile: superior control over early and late blight as well as powdery mildew and sustainable alternative to herbicide adjuvants. Compatibilizer: superior hydrotrope that also works as compatibilizer. Low toxicity: readily biodegradable and contains no hazardous ingredients (clean label). Humectant: adds humectancy toformulations and softens/hydrates wax layer.

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Adsee AMP40 is a salt-free amphoteric surfactant.


  • Humectant


  • Adjuvants
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