Berol 611

Surfactants - Non-ionic

Low foaming NPEO-free surfactant with excellent wetting and dissolving properties at room temperature. Suitable as replacers for NP 9 / NP 10 surfactants.

  • Product name

    Berol 611
  • Brand

  • Regional availability

  • Chemical name

    Ethoxylated fatty acid alcohol
  • Applications

    Berol 611 demonstrates outstanding detergency and solubility properties when formulated into multi-purpose hard surface cleaners, heavy duty degreasers, textile treatment cleaning. The versatility of its application extends to all other cleaning applications that require alternatives to replace NP9.

Market Segments



  • Dispersing Agent,
  • Emulsifier


  • Adhesive,
  • Industrial Cleaning,
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
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