Sodium Bisulfite 45%

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Sodium bisulfite 45 % w/v solution is typically a yellow, clear, precipitate-free liquid with an odor of SO₂. It is unstable on contact with strong oxidizers and acids, producing SO₂ vapors. The raw materials for its manufacture are SO₂ and caustic soda. A certain amount of sulfite and sulfate are present in the solution in addition to bisulfite.

  • Chemical family

    Sulfur compounds
  • CAS number

  • Regional availability

    Latin America
  • Molecular Weight

  • Chemical name

    Sodium hydrogensulfite
  • Applications

    In water treatment it is used as an oxygen scavenger. In the paper industry it is used in large quantities to obtain chemical pulp and paper. In mining, it serves as a pyrite depressant and it also used in the cyanide detoxification process. In the tannery industry it is used in the production of vegetable tannins and derivatives: Bisulfite is used to solubilize the tannin molecules. Sulfites present in the solution generate through a red-ox reaction a color change in the final product and sulfates only contribute ashes in the final product.

Market Segments

Chemical intermediates

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