Trigonox 121

Organic peroxides

Organic peroxide

Initiator for (co)polymerization of ethylene, styrene and (meth)acrylates. High efficiency perester for curing unsaturated polyester resins at elevated temperatures.

  • Product name

    Trigonox 121
  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
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  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Global, India, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania
  • Chemical name

    tert-Amyl peroxy-2-ethylhexanoate
  • Molecular Weight

  • Applications

    Polymerization of (meth)acrylates: Trigonox 121 can be used to initiate the (co)polymerization of acrylates and methacrylates in the temperature range between 70°C and 120°C. Trigonox 121 can be applied in suspension as well as in solvent and bulk polymerization. Thermoset: Trigonox 121, tert-amyl peroxy-2-ethylhexanoate, is a perester which is used for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins at high temperatures. Trigonox 121 is preferred for the curing of UP resin based Hot Press Moulding formulations (such as DMC and BMC) in the temperature range of 120-160°C as such or as a kicker in combination with a low reactive peroxide like e. g. Trigonox C or Trigonox 127. The low reactive peroxide must be included in the formulation in order to achieve a complete cure.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

High efficiency perester used for curing unsaturated polyester resins at slightly elevated temperatures. Suitable for curing unsaturated polyester, vinylester and acrylic thermosetting resins in the temperature range of 80-130°C.


  • Curing agent


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