Trigonox EHP-W40S

Product Line Organic peroxides

Initiator for (co)polymerization of vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride.

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  • Chemical family

    Organic peroxide
  • CAS number

  • Physical form

  • Regional availability

    Africa, Europe, India, Middle East
  • Molecular Weight

  • Chemical name

    Di(2-ethylhexyl) peroxydicarbonate
  • Molecular drawing

    Organic peroxide
  • Applications

    Polymerization of vinyl chloride: emulsions and suspension of peroxides are more and more accepted in the market. Why to use aqueous emulsions or suspensions? Safety reasons, Solvent free: no contamination of the VCM recycle stream, enhancement of PVC purity, easily to use (pumpable) in ‘closed reactor technology’ and easily to dilute with water. Trigonox® EHP-W40S can be diluted with water provided agitation is used to prevent possible phase separation. To melt the solid Trigonox® EHP-W40S dilution with water is the most elegant way. Short term stability of Trigonox® EHP-W40S or the dilution is sufficient enough to allow handling at temperatures up to 5°C for a short time. Trigonox® EHP-W40S is used for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride in the temperature range 40-65°C. In practice, Trigonox® EHP-W40S is often combined with other peroxides to increase reactor efficiency.

Market Segments

Polymer production

Detailed description

Initiator (40% frozen emulsion in water) for (co)polymerization of vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride.


  • Polymerization initiator


  • PVC
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