Wetfix 312

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines

A liquid antistrip for hot mix

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    Latin America, North America

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Wetfix® 312 is a Liquid antistrip for hot mix. Heat Stability: Wetfix® 312 shows good stability in hot asphalts. Low Dosage: Wetfix® 312 is a concentrated product with low use level. Concentrates: Wetfix® 312 contain no or low levels of diluents and is typically used at 0.5%. Bulk stores may require heat. High performance: Wetfix® 312 typically is effective at the very lowest use levels and with difficult aggregates. Low odor: Wetfix® 312 has low volatility at hot mix temperatures. Wetfix® 312 is preferably added to the asphalt at the mix plant by means of a specially designed injection system. Alternatively, the product can be incorporated into the asphalt by mechanical agitation, pump circulation of storage tank, or by injection into the asphalt loading line followed by recirculation through the truck bypass system until properly mixed.


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  • Hot Mixes
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