Control metal ions and improve performance of your application

Chelates are chemicals that control the reactivity of metal ions. Our chelating agents can address issues with metal ions and improve performance in consumer products for a variety of applications, from agriculture and food to cleaning and personal care.

Dissolvine® chelates make a difference

Our Dissolvine® chelates can add or remove metal ions or alter their properties in a controlled way, particularly for cleaning surfaces, descaling boilers, processing textiles and preventing scale formation. They’re also useful for improving personal care formulations and stabilizing food products and pharmaceutical formulations.

We also offer Dissolvine® StimWell®, a unique stimulation fluid that addresses oil and gas production challenges.

In addition, Ferrazone®, Solvitar™ and Dissolvine® Na2-P products are useful for the food and beverage market. Ferrazone® provides safe iron fortification for food, while Solvitar™ and Dissolvine® Na2-P improve freshness and appearance in food and beverages.

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Dissolvine® and Ferrazone® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide. StimWell™ and Solvitar™ are trademarks of Nouryon.

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