We prioritize safety and dedicate an annual Safety Day to share ideas, experiences, and best practices in support of our collective responsibility to prioritize safety in all our endeavors.

Sep 2024

Safety Day 2023 was particularly special as it coincided with the launch of our new initiative, Nouryon Cares. This initiative extends beyond a single safety aspect, emphasizing our commitment to ourselves, our colleagues, and our communities.

Nouryon Cares aims to highlight real-life achievements, programs, and experiences that underscore our core commitments, including safety, employee well-being, and sustainability. This comprehensive focus reinforces not only how but why we show our care.

From the safety angle, Nouryon employees and contractors worldwide shared compelling stories online about prioritizing safety in the workplace and highlighting importance of employee well-being. From the caring perspective, teams volunteered together in their local communities. Employees also participated in interactive workshops and team-building exercises.

Safety Day highlights from around the world included:

  • In China, our Shanghai office hosted a health lecture by a traditional Chinese medical practitioner.
  • In India, the Mumbai office organized a group skit on safety scenarios to emphasize the importance of a proactive safety culture.
  • In the US, employees from our Battleground and Pasadena sites volunteered at an annual Safety Fair for students, partnering with local community groups.
  • In Brazil, our Jundiaí site hosted a week-long series of workshops on topics related to health and well-being. In the Netherlands, Rotterdam site employees collected food and essentials for their local food bank.

Together, these initiatives serve as a reminder that our core commitments are not merely concepts, but a way of life at Nouryon. Our commitment extends beyond this special day, influencing our actions and decisions throughout the year.

Nouryon employees on Safety Day 2023

We continue to closely monitor Nouryon logistics in terms of both environmental impact and safety. Transportation, including handling and storage, remain priority focus areas. The Global Logistics team conducts gap analysis in our warehouses, terminals, and depots, as well as our processes and associated technology. As a result, additional investment in resourcing and IT has been allocated for the ongoing evolution of our transportation strategy, while accelerating safety performance in this area.

White truck on empy road surrounded by green fields

Cases - Improving safety and environment

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