Do you want to quantify chemical characteristics of your product?

Chemical products are designed and produced with specific chemical characteristics. The product can be tested for the application, but the specific functional group of your product can also be determined by different wet chemical techniques. The determination of the functional group by wet chemical analysis is often described via ISO-, NEN- and Pharmacopeia methods, which gives the methods an acknowledged status.

Titration is a very powerful technique and with the availability of different electrodes a wide range of chemical characteristics is covered. The ECCD offers you various possibilities to determine, e.g.:

  • acidity / basicity
  • degree of unsaturation (iodine value)
  • OH groups
  • Redox (reduction and oxidation)
  • Water

For the determination of different valences states of specific elements, we can make use of Ion Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoresis but also of specific colorimetric determinations. Distinguish Fe(II) and Fe(III), or Cr(III) and Cr(VI) in a specific matrix? We can help you out!  

Separation and quantification of organic molecules, for instance in racemic mixtures, down to ppm level are also part of the application area of the mentioned techniques. Depending on your question, the ECCD analytical tools, including the ones above, may find use as separate techniques or be combined in a multi-analytical approach.



  • Electrodes for redox, acid-base and Ag (silver) titrations
  • Water determination (Karl Fischer and coulometer)
  • Automatic titration systems
  • Ion specific electrodes


  • Micro combustion system for Total and Non Purgeable Carbon (TOC and NPOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) also suitable for high concentrated acids

  • Micro combustion super critical water system for low Total and Non Purgeable Carbon (TOC and NPOC) in heavy matrices

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Ion Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Ion Chromatography, isocratic and gradient, equipped with UV, conductivity and MS detection

  • Capillary Electrophoresis equipped with UV, Conductivity and MS detection


Other techniques

  • Nitrogen determination (Kjeldahl)
  • Color measurement including Apha and Gardner
  • COD measurement
  • Gravimetric measurement
  • pH measurement
  • UV-VIS

Application areas

• Research & Development
• Product optimization
• Process optimization
• Quality control
• Speciation
• Support for substance identification REACH


The Expert Capability Center Deventer is located at the heart of the R&D center of Nouryon in Deventer, the Netherlands.

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