Sustainable fabric care solution for commercial laundry

From luxurious hotel linens to hygienic hospital sheets, commercial laundry fabrics have exceptionally demanding functional care needs. They are subjected to more frequent and aggressive wash cycles, high heat and tumble drying, all of which take a toll on fabric life and feel. Softness and cleanliness are critical deliverables for the hospitality and health and wellness segments, where the customer experience relies heavily on the comfort level of the patient or guest. In fact, luxurious towels and bedding are highly prized hotel amenities that significantly influence brand loyalty.

Eco-conscious consumers and businesses

At the same time as Millennial preference for premium products is driving the need for functional laundry care solutions, hotel chains and health care institutions are committing to more ambitious sustainability and responsible care goals. These extend to the commercial laundry care products they use. But transitioning to biodegradable fabric softeners has presented formulators with complex challenges, from performance gaps to storage stability issues.

As manufacturers move away from formulating with alkyl quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), consumers are noticing the compromised sensorial properties of their greener alternatives. Although replacing alkyl quats is now common for household products, industrial and institutional cleaning formulators have found biodegradable actives (esterquats) insufficient to meet their market’s needs — until now.

Introducing ArmoSoft DEVQ, our new biodegradable fabric conditioning active that won’t compromise softening or stability

Nouryon’s new ArmoSoft DEVQ conditioning active is a readily biodegradable, vegetable-based alternative to alkyl quats that lets commercial laundry formulators create eco-friendly, Halal-certified fabric softeners with outstanding storage stability and softening performance.

Unlike competitive esterquats, ArmoSoft DEVQ is uniquely composed of nearly 100% di-esters, the key contributor to fabric softening performance. It delivers similar cationic adsorption properties as DHTDMAC to maintain the fabric resiliency and soft, fluffy feel that commercial laundry hospitality and health and wellness segments demand.

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The ArmoSoft DEVQ difference in commercial applications

Unique di-ester chemistry contributes to the luxurious hand feel that is highly prized by hospitality industries.

Superior adsorption onto fabric fibers reduces static and friction to extend fabric life during wash cycles and use cycles.

Better hydrolysis resistance prevents separation, sedimentation and viscosity swings to ensure consistent performance over time.

Ready biodegradability helps hospitality and health and wellness customers retain their linen quality while supporting their responsible care image and sustainability goals.

ArmoSoft DEVQ key benefits - for household laundry formulations

  • Delivers uncompromised soft, fluffy finish to clothing and linen to improve sensorial experience and reduce frictional chaffing
  • Reduced static cling facilitates ironing
  • Reduces friction during wash to extend clothing life
  • Storage stability ensures performance consistency in every wash

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