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"Beautifying by Nature - Amaze™ Nordic Barley"


In this webinar, Nienke Mossou-Peters, Global Strategic Marketing Manager for Personal Care, will share the key innovation drivers in personal care and how 100% natural Amaze Nordic Barley (INCI: hordeum vulgare seed flour) aesthetic modifier can help formulators deliver a compelling story to the end users. Our Senior Researcher for Home and Personal Care Uta Gräfenstein will present on the performance attributes of Amaze Nordic Barley. Amaze Nordic Barley starch can help your product stand out from a crowded market of naturally derived personal care and beauty products, achieve outstanding functional properties in your formulations, intrigue and delight consumers.

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Date: Tuesday, Sep 21
Time: 8 AM to 9 AM (EST)
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Date: Tuesday, Sep 21
Time: 2 PM to 3 PM (EST)

During the webinar, we will demonstrate how the unique morphology of the Barley starch:

1- Brings delightful sensory changes in skin and hair care formulations
2- Effectively reduces oiliness in skin care formulations for a clean natural appearance
3 - Promotes more even coverage for nude and no-makeup look

Sustainable source: green and eco-responsible choice

The Amaze Nordic Barley starch is regionally grown, sourced from Scandinavia and produced in an eco-conscious process as a side-stream of the beverage industry. Due to high quality standards, it has excellent microbial purity and so is produced without the requirement for irradiation or other treatments.

Originating in central Asia, the modern success story of barley had an 11,000-year head start. As the principal grain in ancient India, Egypt and Mesopotamia, the robust barley crop reached all the way into the cold frontier of northern Scandinavia.

The unusual shape of barley starch can be described as an oblate spheroid (the shape of an M&M candy). This form allows the starch to pack with outstanding efficiency and enables a multitude of sensorial benefits.

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