What is CiD?

PVC production can be significantly increased with a revolutionary concept called CiD (Continuous Initiator Dosing).

Our patented CiD technology introduces unique benefits for all PVC producers. In conventional PVC production, the organic peroxide initiator is added in one step – this generates an excessive buildup of heat, resulting in limited reactor output. With CiD technology, the initiator is added continuously, controlling and evenly distributing the amount of heat produced, making the process safer and increasing the effective capacity of the reactor. In addition, the reaction can be stopped and restarted any time by simply interrupting and restarting the peroxide dosing.


We are the inventor of Continuous Initiator Dosing (CiD). This innovative concept increases the reactor output when manufacturing suspension PVC (S-PVC), while making the process safer. The end product is more consistent and of higher quality.
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